Monday, 17 October 2016


once there was a large forest beside a hill.a lion.named motilal lived in that forest.other beasts gave respect to him also tried their best to obey him always. because he was the paramount king of that forest. one day the lion was seated beside the hill and suddenly saw that a big log was coming across the river by floating near the bank . on that log a crow . a jackal and wolf remained sitting side by side. when the log reached the bank. three animals got down form there and seeing the king of beasts before them said very benignly with folded hands,oh the great king,we would solitiously request you to allow us to live in this forest.
in response to their request the lion said, certainly all of you will live here with peace and happiness being the friends of one another. they became very happy with the friendly behaviour of their king . since then they began to live there being the friends of each other.they lived there together,moved together,even hunted together.
hearing the crow to suggest the lion to make himself his prey, the camel began to treble in great fear.